Is NYX Cruelty Free and Vegan?

Yes, NYX is 100% truly cruelty free which is rare to say these days in the cosmetics industry.

Here's why they are cruelty free...

  • NYX don’t test finished ingredient or product on animals, and they do not ask any organisation or anyone to do testing on their behalf.
  • NYX has an animal testing policy that confirms they don’t test any of their products in animals. Therefore, you will get all vegan products perfectly market to avoid confusion.
  • They don’t sell products in places where the law requires animal testing such as China.
  • NYX has passed all the criteria listed in the cruelty-free checklist; hence it is included in cruelty-free brands lists.

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Does NYX test on animals?

No, NYX does not test on animals.

They do not allow other companies to test on animals on their behalf.

Is NYX vegan?

Yes, NYX is vegan.

Here's why...

NYX is both cruelty-free and still doesn’t use any of the animal-derived, and animal ingredients are products like beeswax and carmine.

It is part of the pledge that NYX took to offer conscientious choices on the selection of vegan-friendly ingredients.  

The professionals at NYX use vegan formulas in products like lipstick, primer, and glitters.

They believe that animals are part of human life. Therefore, they do not belong in the laboratory.

Formulated without part or whole animal-derived ingredients, NYX products are still the best in the market in terms of high-performance and crazy-rich products.
Is NYX Owned By A Parent Company, And Do They Test On Animals?

Yes, NYX is owned by L'Oréal Company. L'Oréal does not test on animals.

Do NYX Sell in China?

No, NYX does not sell in China, where it is a requirement for all cosmetic brands to test products on animals before selling to the public.

Is NYX PETA Approved?

According to PETA's list here NYX is PETA Approved.

Is NYX Leaping Bunny Approved?

NYX are not featured on the Leaping Bunny list here. This does not necessarily mean that Leaping Bunny doesn't approve but just that NYX has not sought their approval.


  • NYX is cruelty free.
  • NYX does not test on animals.
  • NYX is Vegan.
  • NYX is owned by L'Oréal Company.
  • NYX is not sold in China.
  • NYX is PETA Approved.
  • NYX is not Leaping Bunny Approved.