Is Nars Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

Is Nars Cruelty-Free? Well, the answer is no. Nars, a makeup brand, was once a cruelty-free brand for many.

Regrettably, Nars restructured their animal testing program to echo their essential resolution on joining the Chinese market.

Thus, they are not cruelty-free anymore.

Here why Nars is not cruelty-free:

- Nars does not perform tests on animals or ask others to test on animals on their behalf except where the law demands and as they sell in China the law demands they test on animals!

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Does Nars Test on Animals?

No, Nars is not responsible for tests on animals directly however as they sell in China then animals testing is a legal requirement to sell in that market.

Is Nars Vegan?

No. the French brand is currently not 100% Vegan. The following are some of the reasons the brand is not vegan:

- The brand uses lanolin, beeswax, and various animal-derived ingredients to brand many of its products.

Is Nars Owned by a Parent Company, and Do They Test on Animals?

Yes. Nars has its owner, a parent company named Shiseido, which does tests on animals. Similarly, the company is also not cruelty-free.

Does Nars Sell in China?

Yes. The brand does sell in China. If you perform a quick Google search, you will locate a Nars' Chinese website.

Generally, a particular brand can never generate a country's website unless they serve those specific customers.

For that reason, Nars sell in China, where it is mandatory by the law for all cosmetic brands to test their products on animals before distributing them to the public.

Is Nars PETA Approved?

No, Nars is not PETA-approved as cruelty-free. This famous brand does not perform tests on animals, and we, therefore, do not consider it PETA certified.

Is Nars Leaping Bunny Approved?

No. Nars is not Leaping Bunny approved. The brand manifests its policy that it does not perform tests on animals unless the law states that it is mandatory.

Consequently, Nars should prove that they do not test on animals to obtain approval by Leaping Bunny.


In conclusion, we note that this famous cosmetic company, Nars, was once a cruelty-free organization, but since it got restructured to join the Chinese market, it is not cruelty-free anymore.

Besides, research reveals that Nars is non-vegan. The reason is that you could still find traces of animal-derived ingredients in their products, hence not 100% vegan.

Another conclusion is that Nars has an owner, a parent company named Shiseido, which tests on animals and is similarly not cruelty-free.

Furthermore, Nars is not PETA approved since it does not test on animals, hence not PETA certified.

Finally, the famous brand Nars is not Leaping Bunny approved. To obtain sanction, the brand has to prove that they do not test on animals, as stated in their policy.