Is Eating Papaya good for Acne-Prone Skin?

Yes, the consumption of papaya is good for acne-prone skin. Papaya is a type of fruit widely known for its efficacy in giving the body all vital nutrients.

This fruit contains vitamin A and C, vitamin A aids in healing some of the vision-related problems.

The same fruit is common when it comes to beauty. Many beauty products contain papaya as their main ingredient. It is known for enhancing skin and making it glow.

You must not eat the fruit for you to experience impacts; you can opt for papaya products like soaps and use them. Thus, if you don’t like eating the fruit, you can use its products.

Benefits of papaya on the skin

1. Thorough skin cleaning

As I stated earlier, papaya has enzymes of great significance to the skin surface. It also has plant-based antioxidants that remove dead cells, debris, and tissues from the skin area.

These enzymes also eliminate the excess oil, dust, and filth in the skin layers by cleaning pores.

2. Regulates acne and reduces wrinkles

Papaya is rich in enzymes known as papain and chymopapain, which are primarily involved in skin treatment. They are also meaningful when it comes to inflammation reduction.

It heals the acne skin by eliminating any dead skin cells that generally plug at the skin pores. Additionally, it is involved in collagen secretion when topically used for the skin.

Collagen is one of the critical components of the skin, as it plays a significant role in maintaining the skin healthy and promoting its elasticity.

3. Heals skin pigmentation

Papaya contains valuable ingredients that aid in healing any pigmentation on the skin and any other scar on the skin surface.

This is because it includes the lightening effects; with this, it can eradicate any blemish and discoloration.

4. Protects the skin from dehydration

Papaya is exemplary for dry skin treatment and moisturizing your skin as it contains high levels of antioxidants and enzymes.

Usage of papaya makes your skin soft and revives the skin’s glowing tone.

5. Heals skin-related disease

Papaya is one of the natural cures for scars, skin ailments, and burns. The dead skin is exfoliated, and contaminants are removed from the skin by enzyme papain.

All you have to do is take mashed papaya and apply it directly to the part of the skin that requires the treatment. Some of the skin conditions that it can heal are; psoriasis and eczema.

It is also capable of easing the itchiness and redness of the skin.

Side effects of papaya on the skin

1. Leads to carotenemia

“Too much of something is poison,” the same applies to papaya; if you consume the fruit continuously, you may end up experiencing skin discoloration. This is brought about by the beta carotene, which is in the fruit.

This condition makes you look like you are under the aggression of jaundice. Your palms turn yellow, and your eye tends to be white.

2. Contributes to skin rash production on the skin

As much as the fruit has the necessary amount of papain enzyme and antioxidants, not every skin type tends to tolerate the product as some skins react negatively to the fruit and its products.

You will end up experiencing conditions like itchiness, dryness which eventually leads to rashes.

Ways of adding papaya to your skin beauty regime

I will illustrate three ways to include papaya in your daily skin beauty regime.

1. Mix papaya with honey

Chop a piece from the papaya, put it inside a cup, and then mash it. Take your mashed papaya and add two ordinary spoons of honey; mix them until you attain the smooth paste.

Take the mixture and apply it to your face and even neck. Let it stay on your face for approximately 20 minutes; later on, you can wash it off with clean cold water.

A mixture of honey and papaya will make your skin moist and start to glow.

2. Combine cucumber and a raw papaya

This method is best for stubborn dark circles. Have half a cup of mashed raw papaya mixed with the same grated cucumber.

Apply the mixture to the dark spots, allow it to settle for about ten minutes. Using your fingertips rub your skin lightly.

Clean the paste with a clean towel and wash it off. Make it a daily routine, and after a while, you will note some changes.

3. Mix papaya, curd, and turmeric

Take a ½ cup of mashed papaya, add ¼ cup of yogurt, a spoon of rose water, lastly, a pinch of turmeric.

Apply the mixture on your skin and let it settle for about 15 minutes, then wash it off with clean water.


Despite tackling the question of whether consumption of papaya is good for acne-prone skin, I have also covered the following topics related to papaya;

  • Benefits of papaya on the skin
  • Side effects of papaya on the skin
  • Ways of adding papaya to your skin beauty regime