Is ColourPop Cruelty Free and Vegan? (There’s A Caveat!)

Ensuring that your makeup and beauty products are cruelty free is so important.

You would think that with how quickly the world is changing its stance on veganism and cruelty free practices that all cosmetic brands would be up to scratch, but the reality is that not all of them are.

This is why it is so important that you check the cosmetic brands that you use and make sure that they align with your personal morals and beliefs towards animal cruelty. 

A popular brand of makeup currently sweeping through the market is Colourpop Cosmetics. Colourpop Cosmetics is an LA born and bred company founded in 2014 by Seed Beauty.

This company works to redefine the standards of luxury beauty by providing high quality products at affordable and accessible prices.

Colourpop Cosmetics pride themselves on being up on the latest makeup trends, whilst also remaining wallet friendly, but is the company vegan friendly and cruelty free?

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Is Colourpop vegan?

At Colourpop Cosmetics, there is a huge selection of eyeshadows, palettes, lip colours, and so much more, and almost all of the products are certified as vegan, but there are a few exceptions.

These include:

  • 143 - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • 143 - Shadow Palette
  • 5 Star Island - Shadow Palette
  • A Whole New World - Super Shock Shadow
  • All That - Shadow Palette
  • Amethyst Hour - Creme Gel Liner
  • Amor - Shadow Palette
  • Andalasia - Pressed Powder Highlighter
  • Anna - Shadow Palette
  • As You Wave - Super Shock Shadow
  • Avenue - Ultra Matte Lip
  • Baby Got Peach - Shadow Palette
  • Bae - Super Shock Shadow
  • Balloon Pop - Super Shock Shadow
  • Bare Necessities - Shadow Palette
  • Baroque - Shadow Palette
  • Bassline - Pressed Powder Shadowfl
  • Be Our Guest - Super Shock Shadow
  • Best O - Crème Gel Colour
  • Best O Liner - Crème Gel Liner
  • Between the Sheets - Super Shock Blush
  • Big Tough Girl - Pressed Powder Highlighter
  • Bill - Super Shock Shadow
  • Birthday Suit - Super Shock Blush
  • Bittipop - Foursome
  • Blue Moon - Shadow Palette
  • Blush Crush - Shadow Palette
  • Brady - Super Shock Shadow
  • Brunch Date - Shadow Palette
  • Brut Flute - Super Shock Blush
  • Bye Bye Birdie! - Shadow Palette
  • California Love - Shadow Palette
  • Call Me - Crème Gel Colour
  • Call Me Liner - Crème Gel Liner
  • Candy Button - Shadow Palette
  • Charmer - Créme Gel Colour
  • Charmer - Créme Gel Liner
  • Check In - Lux Gloss
  • Cheerio - Super Shock Blush
  • Cherish - Shadow Palette
  • Chili - BFF Liquid Liner
  • Cloud - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Cloud Spun - Shadow Palette
  • Coast to Coral - Shadow Palette
  • Coastin’ - Super Shock Highlighter
  • Come and Get It - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Don't Leave - Super Shock Pigment
  • Dream St. - Shadow Palette
  • Drift - Super Shock Shadow
  • Drop of a Hat - Super Shock Blush
  • Ducky - BFF Liquid Liner
  • Elsa - Shadow Palette
  • Enchanted Mirror - Pressed Powder Blush
  • Facet - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Fade Into Hue - Shadow Palette
  • Fault Line - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Feeling Euphoric - Mini Glitterally Obsessed Vault
  • Figgy Wit It - Lux Gloss
  • Flower - Lux Gloss
  • Flower - Shadow Palette
  • Flower Child - Super Shock Shadow
  • Flower Power - Pressed Powder Blush
  • Flowerful - Crème Gel Colour
  • Flurries - Ultra Matte Lip
  • Flutter By - Shadow Palette
  • Flying Circus - Super Shock Shadow
  • Friendly - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Gather Round Sisters - Shadow Palette
  • Garden Variety - Shadow Palette
  • Gingham - Ultra Matte Lip
  • Give It To Me Straight - Shadow Palette
  • Going Coconuts - Shadow Palette
  • Going Steady - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Gold Rush - Metallic Liquid Liner
  • Gumball - Super Shock Shadow
  • Happy Camper - Pressed Powder Highlighter
  • Heart 2 Heart - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Hippo - Super Shock Highlighter
  • Howlin' - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • I Need Space - Pressed Powder Blush
  • Is This Real Life - Super Shock Shadow Vault
  • Issa - Super Shock Pigment
  • It's a Princess Thing - Shadow Palette
  • It's All Good - Shadow Palette
  • It's My Pleasure - Shadow Palette
  • Joy Ride - Crème Gel Colour
  • Joy Ride - Crème Gel Liner
  • Kk - Pressed Powder Shadow
  • Know It All - Ultra Matte Lip
  • Labelle of the Ball - Shadow Palette
  • Lantern Fest - Super Shock Highlighter

To check the full list of which ones are unsuitable for a vegan lifestyle, you can examine the support page from Colourpop.

This page has an extensive list of which products are not 100% completely vegan.

Does Colourpop test on animals?

As many of the products at Colourpop are vegan, you may be wondering if they are 100% dedicated to being cruelty free as well.

In their own statements, Colourpop Cosmetics clearly states that:

‘We pride ourselves on being wallet friendly and bunny approved. We test our products in the nicest way possible, leaving fur babies to be fur babies, and experimenting on people instead (the people at ColourPop HQ to be exact!).

From all of the company’s correspondence, it seems that ColourPop is very passionate about animals and does not support or condone any animal testing, whether that is with the ingredients, or with the finished product.

It is clear that Neither ColourPop of the parent company Seed Beauty conduct any sort of animal testing, and the company is 100% cruelty free.

Is Colourpop sold in China?

Whether Colourpop Cosmetics are sold in China is a very important question.

Cosmetic companies that sell their products in China are mandated by law to test their finished products on animals before they are allowed to sell there.

This is inherently not cruelty free, and goes against the morals and ethics of the Colourpop brand, and therefore their products are not sold in China.

Is Colour pop ethical?

Colourpop is an extremely ethical company.

The brand has always made it known that they are friendly to animals, your budget, and the environment.

Colourpop Cosmetics are made exclusively in the United States, in Los Angeles, where they make, produce, ship and manufacture all of their products themselves.

This means that they are not outsourced to other countries or factories during production.

The company is PETA certified, is an ethical company, and strives to maintain the highest standards, without animal testing or animal cruelty.

No matter where these products are in the world, the ingredients are never tested on animals, and neither are the formulas, or finished products, making Colourpop an ethical, 100% cruelty free brand. 

Who owns ColourPop And Are They Cruelty Free?

ColourPop are owned by SEED beauty which are also cruelty free which means this brand is not tested on animals neither directly or indirectly through their parent company.

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