Is Benefit Cosmetics Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

No, Benefit cosmetics is not cruelty-free and here's why..

• When Benefit Cosmetics are required by law to sell their products in countries, they allow animal testing.

• For most cosmetics in china, it is mandatory for animal testing, and Benefit Cosmetics sells its product to stores in that country.

• LVMH is the parent company that owns Benefit Cosmetics, and it is not cruelty-free.

• Benefit appears to allow their suppliers test the ingredients on animals.

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Does Benefit Cosmetics Test on Animals?

No, Benefit Cosmetics does not test on animals directly although where they are restricted by the law to test, they comply.

In some countries such as China, where they sell their products, the law bids them to test animals.

So instead of boycotting China, they allow animal testing.

Is Benefit Cosmetic Vegan?

No, Benefit Cosmetics is not vegan. Some reason that makes it not to be 100% vegan are:

• Lanolin, glycerin, beeswax and similar animal by-products are some of the animal-based ingredients used.

• The brand is not 100% vegan because it is not cruelty-free, but some of its products are vegan.

Do Benefit Cosmetic Sell in China?

Yes, Benefit Cosmetics does sell in China, where it is a requirement for all cosmetics brands to test the product on animals before selling to the public.

Via online and offline stores and platforms, Benefits cosmetics product are sold widely in China.

This indicates that benefit Cosmetic products are likely tested on animals therefore, they cannot be cruelty-free.

Even though China's requirement to test cosmetic products, it does not apply in stores at the airport or Hong Kong.

Without being tested, cosmetics can be bought online and shipped to China.

In China, any brand sold on physical stores do not have a way of escaping animal testing.

Is Benefit Cosmetics PETA Approved?

According to PETA's list Benefit Cosmetics is not PETA approved.

In this list, PETA has outlined several brands that are 100% vegan and which contains ingredients that are committed to saving animals.

Is Benefit Cosmetics Leaping Bunny Approved?

According to Leaping Bunny's list, Benefit Cosmetics is not approved.

This list contains all cosmetic companies that are vegan and are cruelty-free.


• Benefit Cosmetics is not cruelty-free because they sell in China where is is a legal requirement to test on animals.

• Benefit Cosmetics does not test on animals directly though that doesn't mean their 3rd party suppliers do not. 

• Benefit Cosmetics is not vegan.

• Benefit Cosmetics is owned by the LVMH group.

• Benefit Cosmetics is sold in China which means animal testing is mandatory.

• Benefit Cosmetics is not PETA approved.

• Benefit Cosmetics is not Leaping Bunny Approved.