How To Prevent Acne From Whey Protein

If you are self-conscious about your looks like I am, you are probably looking for new products that work with your skin.

When you have acne-prone skin, you have to be extra careful with what you use and even eat.

Whey protein is effective for other things, including athletic performance.

But it can be the reason you have been having breakouts recently.

Here are ways to prevent acne breakouts from whey protein.

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Step 1: Keep Your Skin Clean

Not that acne is a dirt issue, but it will be beneficial to keep your pores unclogged.

When you are out doing your daily activities, you will encounter pollutants and dust that get trapped in your pores.

That is why you have to clean your face when you get to the house.

Also, after a workout session, you should shower to get rid of the sweat.

This ensures your pores are happy all the time.

Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your face; some cleansing products are not good for acne-prone skin.

Keep the cleaning simple with water, body wash, or soap.

Some soaps even have properties that fight acne. But there are others that contain drying ingredients, so check before you buy.

Always go for alcohol-free products.

You don’t want to irritate your face when you are at risk of having a breakout.

Step 2: Change Your Towels And Beddings

Changing your beddings and towels is a beauty hack most people don’t know or mostly ignore.

Your face towel should be fresh and clean always.

Your beddings can transmit bacteria, especially when your face is extra sensitive.

Changing the beddings ensures there is no bacteria build-up that can get on your face.

Sometimes pimples can pop on your towel when you are drying off after a shower.

That is why you have to ensure you are always putting a clean cloth on your face.

Step 3: Keep Your Makeup To A Minimum

Mascara and eyeshadow are mostly okay but go easy on the foundations and the concealers.

Allow the natural exfoliation to happen and prevent acne.

Even if you are using non-comedogenic products, you have to minimize the amount you apply.

You should not have too many foreign compounds trapped on the skin.

If you have to wear makeup, ensure you remove it properly after your day is done.

When you are not going anywhere, allow your skin to breathe for a while.

When your acne breaks out, and you cover it with makeup, it causes even more breakouts forcing you to cover it with more and more makeup.

This leads to a vicious cycle, and your skin will not heal properly.

So if possible, give your skin a break, and you will notice a significant improvement.

Washing your face with water and soap is much better than using wipes to clean.

Step 4: Limit Consumption of Whey Protein

When you start experiencing acne breakouts, limit your whey protein consumption.

But if there is no improvement, stop using the protein completely.

There are so many other alternatives that can substitute whey protein.

It’s not worth the risk when you know it is going to cause a severe acne breakout.

Prevention is way better than trying to find a cure.

As someone who has struggled with acne, I can tell you it’s better to stop consuming it when you are sure it’s causing problems.

Do not put up with acne when there are other places you can get the protein you need.

Remember breakouts differ in severity, so if it’s far from mild, consult a dermatologist or doctor.

You may need medical treatment to prevent scarring.

It can also be painful when the breakout is severe; the doctor may give you some medication.

But when the breakout is mild, you can manage using these four steps.

How Do I Prevent Acne Breakouts Caused By Whey Protein?

Use these 4 steps to prevent acne breakout from whey protein

  1. Keep your skin clean
  2. Change your towels and beddings
  3. Keep your makeup to a minimum
  4. Limit consumption of whey protein

When you follow these four steps, you will be able to prevent acne from whey protein.

When you start experiencing flares, try to be gentle with your skin, even during cleaning.

Avoid popping or scratching the pimples on your face no matter how great the temptation is. It may leave scars after your breakout is over.