How To Get Rid Of Acne Scabs On Face Overnight

To you suffering from acne, I will recommend the use of a scab which is very healthy since it protects the wound.

When using the scab, it is good to keep it soft and moisturized.

Therefore, while using a scab, you don’t need to apply excessive force because it will slow down your healing process, open the wound up to more infections, and cause irritations.

When you pull your scab before it is ready, you increase the chances of forming another scar.

In this blog, I will discuss to you on how to get rid of acne scabs on face overnight.

I will recommend the following methods:

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Use The Following Methods To Get Rid Of Acne Scabs Overnight

1. Getting rid of scabs thorough cleansing
2. Using plantain leaves to get rid of Acne Scabs
3. Using aloe Vera for acne scabs

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This is because I hate acne scabs that can interfere with your look, smile and how you appear to people.

Acne scabs such as pimples causes itching and irritation and can cause the urge to pick or pluck them.

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Getting rid of scabs through cleansing.

When using this method, make sure to follow these steps;

1) Wash your scabs regularly.

For instance, you can wash two to three times a day.

It is advisable to use a clean washcloth each time you wash your acne scab and rub gently until it dries up.

If you reuse the washcloth, then it means that the bacteria can easily be spread, which slows down the healing process.

2) Clean the acne scab using oil.

Some of the recommended oils include;
• Coconut oil
• Almond oil,
• Olive oil.
Using the washcloth, rub the oil gently into the scab without exerting a lot of pressure, and also, you should not force any scab out.

3) Use A Warm Compress.

In this case, you should soak a clean cloth in warm water, then press the wrapping of the fabric to your acne scab for 10 to 15 minutes. Y

ou can do this for two to three times a day to get better results.

The importance of using moist heat is to help soften the scab that allows the wound to heal quickly.

Using plantain leaves to get rid of Acne Scabs

This includes making a paste with fresh plantain leaves.

The paste is done by boiling the leaves until they are soft, then mash them and allow them to cool.

You should add some oil to the paste and then smooth it over the scabs.

Then, you should cover the paste, leave it overnight, and then wash it off in the morning.

Using aloe Vera for acne scabs

In most cases, when using the aloe vera for acne scabs, you are required to have the aloe vera plant.

You are supposed to cut it off into small piece, squeeze the juice from inside, and apply the fluid to the scab.

You are supposed to let it dry, but do not wipe it away until morning.

If you cannot access the aloe vera plant, I recommend you use the aloe vera gel instead.

Also, there is the aloe vera cream which also serves the same purpose; doing away with the acne scabs.

How Do I Get Rid of Facial Acne Scabs Overnight?

In this post, I have discussed the effective methods to get rid of acne scabs on face overnight.

  1. Getting rid of scab through cleansing.

    This includes the importance of cleaning both yourself and also the washcloth that you are using to dresss acne scabs.
    This will help keep away the bacteria that may bring more infections if the scab area is not well cleaned.

  2. using of the plantain leaves.

    This includes fresh plantain leaves where you boil them until they are soft and make a paste.

    Then you apply the paste on your face and leave it there overnight.

  3. the use of aloe vera.

    This method is natural with no side effects.

    This is the best method and involves squeezing the juice from the aloe vera plant.

    If the aloe vera plant is not available, you can use the aloe vera gel or cream.