5 Best Milks For Acne Prone Skin

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In my entire existence, acnes have been on top of my ‘most annoying things.’

Nothing is as depressing as doing my hair nicely and wearing my best outfit, only to be let down by those blackheads or red tender bumps all over my cheeks and forehead.

To make matters worse, no amount of makeup seems to cover these ugly spots.

Many times, I have been left asking myself, ‘how can I eliminate these acnes?’ In the process, I have tried almost every single over-the-counter treatment option available without any success.

Most treatments helped clear the acne for a few days, but the spots were back as soon as I stopped applying the creams.

The Discovery

After many trials and failures, I realised I could protect my skin by avoiding food that wasn’t good for acne-prone skin.

One of these foods is dairy milk! Yes, milk!

Who would have thought a packet of delicious fresh milk can trigger your acne nightmare?

Dairy milk is one of the foods that can translate to bad news when it comes to acne. Ever since I switched to other milk alternatives, things have been better for me.

The Best Milk Alternatives for Acne-Prone Skin

Here is a list of the best five milk alternatives for your acne-prone skin.

  • Macadamia milk – As far as dairy-free milk alternatives are concerned, macadamia choice is one of the best choices for your acne-prone skin.

    Macadamia milk, just like macadamia nuts, has low levels of carbohydrates, making them easily digestible and less likely to set off any form of hormonal or inflammatory acne.

  • Almond milk – If you have acne-prone skin, the other great dairy-free substitute is almond milk. This dairy milk alternative has natural antioxidants, such as vitamin E, that can help clear the skin.

    However, it is only a great alternative if you can tolerate almonds and other tree nuts. If you are sensitive to tree nuts, then almond milk can make your acne worse.

  • Cashew milk – Yes, cashew milk! Right about now, you must be wondering how cashew milk is a great alternative for dairy milk, yet cashews are bad news for acne-prone skin.

    This milk alternative contains various antioxidants that can help clean your skin of excess fats that can cause acne.

    Same as almond milk, cashew milk might not exactly be a good idea for you if you cannot tolerate tree nuts.

  • Oat milk – If you can’t find cashew milk, then you can try oat milk. This is a decent milk alternative for your acne-prone skin.

    It has minimal amounts of inflammatory omega-6 fats, which are often the greatest contributors of inflammatory and hormonal-related acnes.

  • Coconut milk – The best saved for last! Coconut milk is the best alternative for any individual with acne-prone skin.

    Coconut milk has the least amount of added ingredients and is sugar-free too.

    Additionally, it contains skin-clearing nutrients that can help remove substances, clearing out acnes that are already existent.

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Finally, I want to mention that the quality does matter a lot as far as milk alternatives are concerned.

If a milk alternative has a lot of sugar and other added ingredients, it could make the acne problem worse than it already is.

That’s why you should always choose milk alternatives with the least added ingredients and should be sugar-free.

5 best milk alternatives for your acne

My top 5 best milk alternatives for your acne prone skin (see also face powders for oily acne skin here) are:

  1. Macadamia milk
  2. Almond milk
  3. Cashew milk
  4. Oat milk
  5. Coconut milk

Personally, I prefer coconut milk for my acne-prone skin (have you tried a Korean toner?) as it has the least amount of added ingredients and is sugar-free. On top of all these, it has skin-clearing properties that have helped me achieve the glow!

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