5 Best Microcurrent Machines For Estheticians

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When it comes to matters of beauty and skin care, microcurrent facials are the latest innovations in the market.

I am an esthetician in my 30s. I enjoy experimenting makeup and skin care to see how it affects my skin and appearance.

For this blog, I would like to give my findings on five best microcurrent machines for estheticians.

1.Professional Grade Portable High-Frequency D’arsonval facial Device


  • It has high heat to allow circulation of oxygen in the skin; reducing wrinkles.
  • has ten electrodes made of glass.
  • It is portable as it has plastic handle and regulator to adjust the current

Pros of the machine

You will notice change on your skin after using the microcurrent machine 10 to 20 minutes daily.


For those on anti-depressants, they will experience depression and confusion on the next day after use.

2.NuFACE Advanced facial Toning kit

Key features

  • Skin complexion brightening and facial toner
  • Nuface kit should be used with Gel primer from natural ingredients to reactivate dry skin.

Pros of the NuFace advances facial toning kit

  • It is reliable and efficient
  • It is FDA clinically proven
  • Formulation without fragrance, alcohol and oil


Calls for patience to get desired results

I recommend this NuFace advanced facial toning as it gives best results at home for skin toning and facial contour.

3.Nurysh Facial cleansing, lifting and firming device

Key features

  • Efficient for more than one function as it combines seven different technologies.
  • Assists to cure sunburn and remove wrinkles.
  • Performs on three different light treatment


FDA registered machine suitable for all skin types and uses Galvanic Technology for blood circulation


Does not give strong massage

I however recommend it since it has seven therapy technology for skin stimulation.

4. Beauty star microcurrent face lift device

Key Features

  • Ten different intensity levels for delicate skin and fixing larger skin areas.
  • It is battery-powered
  • The machine is durable


You can use the machine on almost all parts of the body. It is also self-sterilizing.


It takes time to give back results.

Beauty star microcurrent face lift is a good machine if you want non-surgical facelift results.

5. NuFace Trinity ELE attachment

Machine features

  • It is suitable for anti-aging and sagging therapy
  • Enhances results around lips and sensitive areas


  • Gentle micro-current for facial enhancement
  • It is affordable and clinical proven


Requires frequent use to get results

I add it on the list for its face lifting ability.

5 Best Estheticians Microcurrent Machines

In summary, I would choose;

  • Professional grade portable high-frequency D’arsonval facial device
  • Nuface advanced facial toning kit
  • Nurysh facial cleansing, lifting and firming device
  • Beauty star microcurrent face lift device
  • Nuface trinity ELE attachment

My best among them is the beauty star microcurrent face lift device as it has the ability to remove wrinkles quickly and control sunburn effects.