3 Best Korean Cleanser for Acne-prone Skin

Your skin should be your number one priority when it comes to taking care of your body.
The market is full of cleansers that can help make things right with your skin.

Are you searching for a Korean skin cleanser that is good for your sensitive skin to improve the acne situation?

I have listed 3 of the best Korean cleansers you can use for your acne-prone skin to feel better.
The below cleansers are gentle on your skin and will not clog your pores.


COSRX snail mucin gel cleanser

What can COSRX snail mucin gel cleanser used for

It is one of the products you can use both in the morning and night-time.
This product can gel to form a cleanser suitable for acne-prone skin.

This is one of the most powerful hydrating and regenerating products you can use on your skin to eliminate acne.

It offers a gentle cleanse without causing any irritation.
This product can make your skin plump and glow brighter thanks to the smooth bubbles.

Key specifications

  • It contains snail secretion filtrate
  • It has a dense texture that helps reduce irritation
  • It is formulated with amazing skin-friendly ingredients

key features

  • Free from sulfates, parabens, and cruelty.


  • It is unique
  • Cause minimal to no irritation
  • It minimizes stimulation
  • Pore unclogging
  • Soothing and anti-bacteria


  • It can cause skin dryness to people with more sensitive skin

Why I have included this product in the list

It contains skin-friendly ingredients that reduce skin irritation

Personal opinion on the product

I have been using this product for my sensitive, acne-prone skin, and since then, I haven’t felt the need to drop it.

The light lemon scent makes it suitable to apply in the morning and nighttime since it does not irritate.


Soon Jung PH 6.5 whip cleanser

What is Soonjung PH 6.5 whip cleanser used for

It is used to heal damaged skin and reduce irritation, preventing acne development.
It is one of the best solutions for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

It is formulated to be slightly acidic.
The alkaline skin condition will make your skin develop a protective layer making your skin weak and exposed to external skin stress.

Therefore, you should consider this slightly acidic product if you have can prone and sensitive skin to have relief.
This cleanser can reduce skin friction hence mildly washing facial skin.

Key specifications

  • Contain weakly acidic bubbles
  • Free from color additives
  • It does not contain synthetic perfumes and paraben
  • No mineral oil, animal materials, and surfactants

key features

  • It has a PH of 6.5
  • It has anti-oxidant properties
  • Non-comedogenic tested


  • It has a shortlist of ingredients
  • Contain panthenol for moisturizing
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Improves skin texture
  • It is fragrance-free


  • The recent change in the formulation has affected the continuing user negatively.

Why I have included this product in the list

It is a better-formulated product without toxic substances like paraben

Personal opinion on the product

The product is the best thing for sensitive skin as it is soft and gentle.
Every time I apply it to my face, I feel very nourishing since it leaves my skin cleansed and soft.


Faircell facial bubble cleansing foam

What is Faircell facial bubble cleansing foam used for

This is one of the most important and effective acid formulated products that cannot irritate your skin.
It provides moisturizer and hydration after one wash on your face.

It can be used for both acne-affected and sensitive skin.
It can remove about 99% of ultra-fine dust on your facial skin.

Therefore, it is good for cleaning sebum, pores, blackheads, and makeup.

This product has almost 14 ingredients, natural and patented moisturizers (Also see: How to Moisturize Acne-Prone Skin Naturally) responsible for nourishing and moisturizing your skin to be healthy.

Key specifications

  • It contains Cica extracts for hydration
  • It is a weak acid formulation

Key features

  • Essential oil retention
  • Contain natural ingredients
  • Good moisturizer


  • Non-drying formulation
  • Lightweight
  • Has passed dermatologists allergy test


  • Might not be effective for oily skin

Why I have included this product in the list

It can be used to clean makeups, sebum, fine dust, and blackheads

Personal opinion on the product

The product is great to use regardless of whether you have sensitive skin or acne-prone skin


My top 3 recommendations for the best Korean cleanser for acne-prone skin are:

  1. COSRX snail mucin gel cleanser
  2. Soonjung PH 6.5 whip cleanser
  3. Faircell facial bubble cleansing foam

However, if I were to pick 1, I would choose Soonjung PH 6.5 whip cleanser since it contains no toxic substances like parabens.