Are eggs good for acne-prone skin?

Yes, in some people, eggs are known to trigger acne, although it is difficult to pinpoint that a type of food causes acne.

I believe that reaction to the consumption of eggs differs from person to person.

Another thing to consider is the number of times you consume eggs can also be a contributing factor to your reaction to eggs.

Eggs are rich in protein and are low in calories. They have some nutritious value.

Coupled with their availability eggs, are a popular breakfast snack.

Acne-prone people are therefore worried about this.

Some factors show eggs do cause acne. We shall discuss them below.


Albumin is the protein element found in eggs. Some people find it difficult to digest albumin, it is a primary cause of acne.

When protein accumulates in your body due to indigestion, your lymphatic system clogs up. You will experience inflammation near the nostril area and mid-face if that happens.

Some people will also have inflammation in the inner cheeks and their chins. If you have a daily consumption of eggs, the inflammation may travel to your neck, where the lymph nodes are.

Acne appears since there is a major lymphatic pathway in the mid-area of your face.

Even after technological advancements, western medicine, and dermatology have taken little time trying to research the lymphatic system concerning acne.

Most people believe that acne appears due to hormonal imbalance or bacterial infections. Most doctors will therefore prescribe hormonal modifiers like spironolactone.

 The acne will stop after a short while the acne will be back and may come back even more aggressively.

If your body finds it hard to digest proteins like eggs, try to minimize their intake since it will lead to clogging of the lymphatic system.

Most hormonal acne will appear near the hair follicles on your lower face. It will not show a specific pattern.


Chickens will lay eggs as a result of hormonal ovulation as they wait for sperm action.

The eggs will have high amounts of progesterone which is considered to be an acne trigger in most people.

The human body naturally produces its progesterone, so when you continuously consume eggs it will tamper with the natural level of progesterone.

High levels of progesterone will cause acne to appear.

If you are on birth control eggs, cause an increase in progesterone levels leading to some side effects like acne.

If the birth control is a high progestin, consumption of eggs can be worse than using birth control with high estrogen.

Birth controls with hormonal IUDs have high progesterone levels that will be affected by your intake of eggs.

Eggs will affect different people in diverse ways.

It is vital to study your body to check whether the consumption of eggs has affected your birth control.

You might have taken eggs for many years without it necessarily affecting you.

 The body can change, eggs can trigger acne to appear.


Eggs contain biotin, which is a contributor to the development of acne.

One egg can contain 20% to 30% of the recommended dietary allowance of biotin.

That is not enough to cause the appearance of acne.

Biotin supplements contain high levels of the recommended dietary allowance that can accelerate the production of keratin which can cause your skin to produce a lot of keratin protein.

Excessive production of keratin is a contributor to the appearance of acne.

Hyper production of keratin is a cause of genetic acne.

When you consume biotin supplements, you will likely notice an increase in acne or even little bumps on the skin.

High amounts of biotin are present in skin vitamins could cause acne.

Since eggs don’t contain that high amount, it is difficult for them to cause acne.

Everyone has different levels of biotin, it is, therefore, the key to understanding your body.

If you have acne, try to reduce consumption of eggs for a month and see if it was a trigger.

It is possible to see a positive change in the first 14 days.

After eliminating eggs in your diet, try and incorporate them back and see if anything will happen to your skin.

By doing this, it will help you understand your body.

If there is a reoccurrence of the acne, it will appear three days after eating the egg.

Some people will eliminate the consumption of eggs, but the inflammation on the face will still be present.

 It is possible that your find it difficult to digest animal protein.

Gluten can also cause these inflammations. 

Maybe your liver is overworking causing, it not to back your lymphatic system.

Acne has been seen to reduce when other animal proteins like fish meat was consumed.


  • It is vital to understand your body since there are things that can trigger acne.
  • Ensure you don’t consume eggs regularly since too much protein impacts your body negatively.