Acne Between Eyebrows Meanings

Pimples appear in different parts of the body, but the face is more susceptible.

Some sections of the face, mainly the chin, forehead and nose, are prone to acne breakouts.

The high number of oil glands around these areas are the culprits.

The region between the eyebrows is particularly acne-prone.

You might have had a case of pimples appearing in this part of the forehead and wondered why that is.

In this article, I explain the potential causes and remedies for acne between the eyebrows.

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Types of Acne between the Eyebrows

The acne case discussed here presents itself at the top of the T-zone.

This area starts from the chin to across the forehead, just above the eyebrows. The space between the eyebrows is also called the glabellar area.

Since the T-zone has a high sebum production, it develops different kinds of acne.

One is cystic acne, which manifests as pus-filled bumps and mostly occurs under the skin.

In some people, it may cause white or red pimples that can be painful.

Papules are usually tender, small round bumps. Papules can fill with pus after a while.

Pustules look like blisters with white or yellow tops. The pus-filled bumps have a red base and can be painful.

Whiteheads are a result of pores clogging on the surface. They can sometimes appear on top of pimples.

Blackheads are also clogged pores that turn into small dark bumps on the skin due to air exposure.

The oil and bacteria in pores darken when exposed to air.

Why Do I Have Acne between the Eyebrows?

Your breakout can be due to various reasons. Understanding the root of your acne allows you to deal with it appropriately.

Below are some of the common causes.

Clogged Pores

The hair follicles and pores around the eyebrow region can accumulate oil, sweat, dead skin cells and other debris.

These substances block pores, leading to inflammation and, consequently, pimples.

Touching your face can increase clogging in pores due to sweat and germ deposits from your hands.

Too much exposure to dust is also detrimental, particularly if you don’t clean your face properly.

Hair products and other cosmetics are also responsible for clogged pores.

Oil from your hair, especially if you have bangs, can get into the skin.

Makeup brushes and other tools can collect germs and bacteria, which are then transferred to the face.

Too Much Oil

Each pore consists of a sebaceous gland that produces sebum (oil).

The hair follicle then transports that oil out of the pore. Sebum brings dirt, dead cells and other waste to the surface.

Although sebum is integral to skin health, too much of it can be counterproductive.

In excess, the oil blocks all the waste it carries from leaving the pore.

Ingrown Hairs

Plucking and tweezing the eyebrows can cause ingrown hairs. Sometimes, an incorrectly cut strand of hair can grow into the skin, which is what ingrown hair means.

The problem is prevalent in people who shave, pluck or wax regularly.

Ingrown hair prevents dirt and debris from leaving the follicle.

The trapped contaminants then cause mild irritation that can develop into a cyst.

Poor Liver Health

According to traditional Chinese medicine, breaking out between the eyebrows could indicate a diseased liver.

The liver is responsible for filtering waste in the body.

If this function is compromised, the unfiltered toxins can present themselves in the form of acne.

A Few Treatment Options

So, how do you get rid of acne between the eyebrows?

Follow these 5 steps below…

  1. Firstly, I advise proper skincare. Know the right products to use on your face.
  2. Avoid heavy products, particularly if your skin already produces too much oil.
  3. Thorough cleaning eliminates dirt from the surface and opens up the pores.
  4. You can get over-the-counter drugs for persistent acne.
  5. Medication can help control oil production, clear pores and decrease bacteria.

From this article, you have learned some of the causes of acne between the eyebrows.

One main problem could be excess oil production in the skin that causes pores to clog.

Clogged pores could also be from other sources, like beauty products.

You found out that plucking your eyebrows frequently might also cause breakouts.

Another cause I touched on was poor liver health, which leads to toxins building up in the body.

I also highlighted what to do to minimise the risk of breakouts or combat it when it occurs.

Skincare is paramount, and it helps when you know how to deal with certain issues like acne between the eyebrows.