5 Best Antibacterial Body Washes

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Skin is a variable body part that you should not mess around with. It needs special care to keep it in perfect shape.

Do you stress yourself to finding the perfect antibacterial body wash?

5 Top Antibacterial Body Wash Products

1. Dial Antibacterial Deodorant White Soap

Dial holds the top position on this list. The bracing scent and the pure white glow are some of the factors that will make you fall in love with dial.

The soap also prides itself on antibacterial technology that makes it remarkable in the industry.

The soap can last in water for a full day without spoiling and still retains its softness and smoothness after use proving its worth.

• Creamy lather
• Odor protection
• Fresh scent


• Leaves foam after use

2. Dove Body Wash

Dry skin is usually caused by inferior ingredients found in the soap. Dove body washer kills 99% of the germs in your skin, moisturizing it too.

This is made possible by moisture renews blend, which helps the skin retain its natural moisture preventing it from dryness.

Usage is as simple as squeezing some dove care into your hand, working it into a creamy lather, then spreading it into your body, walking out of the shower, and then wiping off the water.

• Best skincare
• 99% effective
• All types of skins


• The scent doesn’t last for long

3. Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

Unlike other soaps with excessive chemicals, this body washer is naturally made, qualifying in my personal list.

Infused with unique kinds of oils, it controls body odor caused by excessive sweating.

The ingredients used to make this fantastic product include tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and peppermint.


• 100% risk-free
• Relieve skin irritations
• Efficient odor eliminator


• No foam

4. Dettol Anti-Bacterial pH-Balanced Body Wash

Being in the market for decades, the unrivaled antibacterial body wash has no match as of yet. The name Dettol tells how effective the soap is to bacteria.

It is a unisex soap where you don’t have to worry about its scent.

The sharp and sweet scent makes it my number one choice, and so far, no other manufacturing company can crack the recipe used by Dettol.


• 100% effective
• Original scent

5. Dial for Men Antibacterial Body Wash

Here comes another fantastic made in USA product from dial manufacturers. The difference here is that this is made for men.

The advanced formulae give 24-hour protection and a sweet scent with odor neutralizing technology.


• Provides odor protection
• Gives a deep-down clean


• Unsatisfied customers review

Here are my top 5 recommendations for the antibiotic body wash;

  1. Dial Antibacterial Deodorant White Soap
  2. Dettol Anti-Bacterial pH-Balanced Body Wash
  3. Dove Body Wash
  4. Tea Tree Oil Body Wash
  5. Dial for Men Antibacterial Body Wash
    Of the five, my favorite choice is Dettol, not because it’s a big company but because they focus on giving the best to the customers. The team of specialists has worked hard to reach this far.