3 Best Makeup Primer For Acne Prone Skin

Being a single woman in my 30’s, I find my facial appearance to be so important in building my confidence and looking presentable.

One must have product is the primer as it acts as a base to ensure the makeup lasts on to the skin for a whole day.

However getting the right primer can be a hustle since all primers work differently hence, you should be careful when choosing to ensure that it will not lead to high production of oil or triggers skin breakouts.

I happen to be cautious with the primer I use since my face breaks out when I get any primer from the store.

I have done my research by trying out different primers and this article acts as a guide for three best make up primer for acne skin.

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1. E.l.f. Blemish control face primer

This primer is formulated with salicylic acid, vitamin E and tea tree oil best for creating a smooth silky matte finish. E.F.L blemish control primer helps to fight acne and covers breakouts blemishes.

It suits all skin types and goes well with subtle or bold makeup.

Key specifications

• Hydroquinone, Vegan and paraben-free
• Best long lasting primer for acne prone skin
• Ideal for all skin types

  • Pros:
    One major benefit of the product is that it controls acne and blemishes leaving a shiny canvas appearance.
  • It is recommended for all skin types and it is free of phthalates.


  • Cons about this primer is that it may fail to remove redness.

Why I’ve Included This Primer

I have included the primer to my list since it matched well with my skin type and I recommend it for all skin types.

It also has a long lasting effect.

2. Coola sun care mineral face SPF 30 sunscreen Matte finish

Coola sun care is basically a sunscreen product.

The use of this primer is to give a silky finish.

You use it before foundation and other makeup so as to provide sun protection to your skin.

It has the ability to control skin hydration thereby leaving a fresh look.

Key specifications of the primer

• It is a day time lotion, SPF and antioxidant face moisturizer
• Good for less hydration and waterproof
• Best for oily type of skin
• Formulated with rose hip oil


• It is mineral based SPF 30 primer that agitates skin nourishment.
• Provides sunscreen protection.
• Gives a rich matte finish


  • Coola mineral matte sunscreen primer may not be suitable for all skin types since it works best for oil based skin.

I include it to my list since its major specification is its ability to block harsh sun rays from harming the skin and also good for acne prone skin.

It is also good for all weather as it is water resistant primer therefore you may use it while going for swimming or during rainy seasons.

2. SOZGE Oil-free face primer

Oily skin types do not hold make up for long and so invites acne. SOZGE face primer is best for you if you are afraid of having acne pop out after applying makeup.

It hides all acne spot blemishes, wrinkles and it may be hard for one to notice that you have used the product.

Product specification

It is formulated with green tea extracts for oil absorption and prevent excessive shining.

SOZGE primer is an ideal base that covers wrinkles and breakout spots and leaves a lasting bright look.


• Non-drying effect on skin
• Lasts for the whole day
• Skin brightening formula


• Not suitable for all skin types
• Has EDTA

My personal opinion on SOZGE primer is that anyone for is fighting oily skin should go for this primer.

What’s The Best Primers For Acne Prone Skin?

In my article, I have mentioned of different primers that are best for acne prone skin.

These products are;

  1. E.l.f. Blemish control face primer
  2. Coola sun care mineral face SPF 30 sunscreen Matte finish
  3. SOZGE Oil-free face primer

These products are formulated with different minerals to prevent acne breakout.

However, my opinion, I recommend E.l.f. Blemish control face primer as it is best for all skins and also fights acne giving spots-free and shiny finishing.

Feel free to try them and see the results.